Website not secure

In late 2018, Google starts to penalise all website which does not have HTTPS with the red “Not Secure” sign. 



Better Google Ranking

Enjoy a rankings boost from Google and other search engines. HTTPS website with Modern SSL certs can actually improve page load times.

Build Trust With Your Vistors

By displaying the green lock in the browser’s address bar, HTTPS website with SSL certification increases visitor’s trust.

Prevent Security Breaches

Potential security breaches can cost thousands in lost revenue.

Stop Losing Customers

Visitors will leave your site if they don’t feel their information is safe. ” Lost the trust, lose the customer. “

Get your HTTP to HTTPS Converted Today

Our Basic HTTPS Website promo package includes a FREE cloud delivery network (CDN) for you. Our CDN puts your web content in more than 155 data centers around the world. They work together to provide ultra fast delivery of your website content and also improvement in security by providing DDoS mitigation and other optimizations.

CDN is provided on a first come first serve basis (while promo last)

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